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Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Five: Five pieces of advice...

...from children.

Today I asked my class, in preparation for a writing task, to visualise travelling in the Tardis to visit their future selves, ten years from now.

As well as thinking about what their future selves would look like, where they would live, and what they would be doing, I asked the children to imagine their future self whispered a few words of advice into their ears before they returned to their own time.

Here's what they said.

1. Keep hold of your true friends.

2. Never give up on your dreams.

3. Practise makes perfect.

4. Your brother does love you, even though he's horrible at the moment.

5. Don't listen to people who say you can't do it.

When I reflected on their words of wisdom, I was struck by how wise the words indeed were.
Do me a favour- read them again, and really think about them just for a second.

See what I mean? Wise.

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