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Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday Five: Five cute photos of my dogs


Happy Friday!

Just a quickie today, as I'm busy getting ready to hit that "publish" button tonight- a process which involves champagne and strawberry Bon-Bons, and a little Blood, Sweat and Tears (the band- it's for my victory dance).

Here are five very cute photos of my boys, Harvey and Alfie, for you to go "awww" over, while you wait to read Strange Ideas: Death, Destiny and Decisions. It's out tomorrow, and I'm squeely excited!

1. Flappy puppy ears!

2. Alfie is King of the Remote Controls.

3. Harvey wants a cuddle on my lap.

4. Alfie appreciates the efforts I go to in order to keep him warm in Winter.

5. Two proud dragons.

Right, I'm off. See you bright and early to download Strange Ideas: Death, Destiny and Decisions tomorrow! I may be hungover...

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