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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Unhappy endings

I am posting this because I don't want to write today. I am writing this instead of the difficult scene I have been dreading ever since I knew it must be written. I am writing this because it is a distraction from the terrible words I must write in order for my story to be complete, as it should be.

Today I have to kill a character. And it will break my heart.

I know I shouldn't be so attached to imaginary people who only exist inside my head, but it's difficult, when I've heard their voices, watched their movements, known their loves and fears and hopes and dreams to end it all with a few taps on a keyboard.

But it must be done. Just not quite yet.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

What I have learnt about my characters this week

Another NaNoWriMo post tonight, for which I refuse to apologise.

In case you hadn't noticed (I may have omitted to mention it- ha!) I am participating in National Novel Writing Month, the aim of which is to give procrastinating writers a swift kick up the bum and bully said bum onto a chair in front of a keyboard. Or notepad. Or stone tablet. Whatever tickles your fancy. And then encourage them to write. I say encourage, but cajole, threaten and bribe might be more accurate. Honestly, they're very nice about it though.

The target is a measly 50,000 words in 30 days, or a mere 1,667 words per day average. No problem. Except when I have a late meeting. Or a friend to meet down the pub. Or a Supernatural box set to watch. All three of these spanners have lodged themselves in my works this week. Nevertheless, I have battled on, as my word count (top right) will testify.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

NaNoWriMo- my initial impressions

I am typing this with one finger, very slowly. The reason? NaNoWriMo has broken me.

From a flying start on Friday night (if you don't count the dashed-out prologue to break the ice on Friday morning) to a solid effort on Saturday, punctuated with 500-word sprints in between cups of tea and housework and schoolwork, to a still-enthusiastic if slightly ridiculous Sunday morning effort, I'm shattered.

My vision is slightly blurry and I keep bumping into things, my neck hurts and my bottom is completely sofa-shaped. The boys are feeling neglected already (although they have had more frequent short walkies than usual) and I have a ringing in my head from too much caffeine. I'm a mess.

But I'm loving it.

Friday, 1 November 2013

My Ten Commandments for NaNoWriMo

Today I begin the epic quest to write and finish a novel in 30 days.

This will not be without difficulties, and so I have drawn up a list of rules that I must follow in order to be successful (and clean, with a job) over the next month. If I can stick to these, all will be well.

Here they are:


1. Thou shalt not let the day job suffer- this is thy quest, not thy employer's.

2. Thou shalt write at least 1,667 words on a week day, and aim for 2,000.

3. Thou shalt not lie in on weekends, but shall rise with the dawn to write 2,500 words on those days.

4. Thou shalt not neglect thy terriers, for lo they will perform dirty protests if regular walkies are not adhered too.

5. Thou shalt not eat Haribo by the bucket, as thy is wont to do when sitting at a computer for lengthy periods of time.

6. Thou shalt not idle thy time waiting for more Candy Crush lives, but shall banish the iPad from thy sight until the daily word count is reached.

7. Thou shall make use of quiet moments to reflect on thy novel, and scribe every idea on post-its for future reference.

8. Thou shall shower every day and eat too, for a smelly and hungry writer is no joy to the world.

9. Thou shalt not go home to commence work on thy novel until planning is completed and books have been marked.

10. Thou shall phone thy parents at least twice a week, or face the wrath and woe of anxious fretting that thy have been eaten by terriers.

Keep an eye on my counter (the blue one, top right) and feel free to berate me if you think I'm not writing fast enough!