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Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Hungry-Man: the release date is set!

The Hungry-Man is coming along nicely, and should be good to go for Monday 28th April 2014. How exciting!

I decided on that date after a lot of thought that, if I were to try and reason it out, would leave most of you scratching your heads and the rest of you edging towards the door away from the crazy lady with a dislike of certain numbers. Just trust me that the 28th is perfect.

The cover is exactly what I wanted, featuring a photo of the real-life Harvey on the beautiful Heacham beach a couple of years ago. The beach plays a key role in the story, so I was thrilled that it all came together (plus, my Harvey is just gorgeous). I've really struggled with the blurb, but the lovely Tori came to my aid once again (as she has dozens of times- cake for her) and I think I've cracked it. I even managed a decent headshot for the back, so I'm really on a roll now!

Sticking with the "being creative" thing, I thought it only fair that, as Lily gets her own squiggle, Harvey should have a pretty picture too.

My Harvey puppy.
I quite like the idea of having this at the start of each chapter- if the printer will allow it! Not sure if it counts as an illustration... You'll have to wait and see if he makes the book.
The Hungry-Man will be available on Amazon on Monday 28th April 2014


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see this in print - it is going to be fab!

  2. Excellent stuff, can't wait to download this onto my kindle :-)


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