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Monday, 28 April 2014

The Hungry-Man goes live!

Find me on Amazon!
Find me on Amazon!

It's finally here! The Hungry-Man, my proper big novel that I've been faffing about with for months, has hit the virtual shelves!

I'm so proud. And tired. Despite months of work, I still managed to nearly miss a deadline... 'sigh' But I defeated the techno-goblins and so far, touch wood, this one hasn't been banned!

It's a marvellous read, if I do say so myself, about a plucky young pup who risks everything to save the day. It's got chills, thrills, romance, sausages and one particular scene that, if it doesn't leave you in tears, will make you want to hug your Mum. Anyone who's ever loved a dog (or their Mum) will be swept up in Harvey's perilous search for a way to defeat the Hungry-Man before it's too late. Really, you should rush out and buy it now- I've even included a handy little link below the cover picture.

Shameless hard-sell over, I'm off to pop some champagne (on a school night!) and then get some sleep. It's been a manic weekend!

Night night- and don't let The Hungry-Man bite!


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