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Saturday, 5 October 2013

An Apology to Fantastic Phil

Fantastic Phil- feast your eyes, ladies!

Dear readers, I have some serious grovelling to do!

I have made a grave and almost unforgiveable oversight, and for that I am truly sorry. Let me state publicly that my colleague and good friend Phil (pictured left) was the genius behind the name Maverick Hart (the truly terrifying demi-god from one of my most popular stories Rock God) and I forgot to thank him in my book.

I gave Phil the task of naming my anti-hero almost a year ago and, after a few suggestions that are not suitable for discerning eyes, he came up with Maverick Hart. It was a perfect name and Maverick wouldn't have been half as interesting without it.

May I also add that Phil is a bit of a legend, as well as being right about Goyte, VAT and Kim Kardashian's baby. Working with him is awesome and drinking with him is an experience. I've rectified my glaring omission in future copies of Strange Ideas: Death, Destiny and Decisions and added him to the cake list. I hope that is apology enough.

p.s. If Rock God is ever made into a film, Phil has first dibs on the lead role.

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