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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

One Girl and Two Dogs on the Bummel: comforts, catch-ups and cuddles.

Missed the beginning? The bummel begins here

Worthing. I woke up feeling disorientated; this wasn't the tent I'd been living in for the last couple of weeks. After a second or so, I remembered where I was and checked the time. Good. I was awake early enough to say goodbye to Dad before he left for work. I rolled over and stretched...

... and woke up again two hours later. I really am pathetic.
I made a cup of tea and wondered what to do. Washing, getting dressed and making breakfast had taken minutes in the house, compared to the good hour it had been taking me in the tent. I twiddled my thumbs and faffed about on the internet, updating Facebook and tweeting for the first time since July. I managed to get hold of an old school-friend, Sian, and arrange to meet up that afternoon. We hadn't seen each other for about sixteen years, and had been trying to get together for at least six but, like I said, my visits to Sussex are always so rushed and seeing my family is my priority. I was pleased that today I finally had time to see her- it had been too long!

I killed some time by going to buy some new pyjamas, my own having been soaked by Harvey and unwearable until they'd been washed at least twice, but I couldn't find any I liked so I resigned myself to sleeping in a t-shirt again tonight. It was only one more night and then I'd be heading home anyway. I had lunch on the sofa, relishing being able to curl my legs up under me to sit, which is a strange thing to have missed.

The stillness inside the house was different to the stillness of sitting outside my tent. Even when I'd been chilling out, I was always hopping up to make a drink, fetch a book, untangle the boys from the guy ropes (I think Harvey did it on purpose). This sitting still for extended periods of time felt unnatural, so I took the boys for a stroll around the block. I didn't have time to take them on the Downs, as I was meeting Sian at the pub in less than an hour. They didn't mind as they got to leave p-mails for all the local dogs, and I quite enjoyed a gentle walk rather than the hikes we'd undertaken over the last few days.

I arrived at the pub a little early and, although the landlady welcomed the boys in, I chose to sit outside as the weather was warm and I thought the boys would like it better. When Sian arrived, I gave her a big hug and we settled down to the mammoth task of catching up on what each other had been up to. It was lovely to see her, and even lovelier that, even after so many years, we slipped back into a comfortable vibe as if it had only been a few days, not sixteen years. She looked really good, even considering she's been having a tough time recently, and is happy with her life, which is all anyone can wish for.

Eventually, about three hours later, we hugged goodbye and I headed back to Millionaires' Row for dinner. Dad and Mandy had invited my brother Dan, his wife Sian and my nephew Matthew up to join us, and I was looking forward to seeing them all. Matthew was much more pleased to see me than he'd been yesterday, which was nice, and he told me they'd played games at the sleepover. He's such a cutie! I got to see a picture of Dan and Sian's new baby, due in just a couple of months, too. I'm looking forward to being a double-Auntie!

We all stuffed ourselves on Bolognese and cheesecake (thank you, Mandy) and had a lovely evening. Even the boys behaved themselves; Alfie and Archie were muzzled, just in case, but they didn't really go near each other. I think Alfie was too exhausted to bite bottoms- he was starting to look tired and I'm sure he was missing his own bed. I know Harvey is.

After Dan, Sian and Matthew had gone home, I sat up chatting with Dad and Mandy. Harvey went to sleep behind the sofa, and Alfie and Archie had cuddles with their respective mummies, although I did get to cuddle Archie too.

Although I'll be sad to leave tomorrow, I'm ready to go home, even if it is only for one night (as we're off to Wadfest on Friday). I've enjoyed my bummel, but I'm looking forward to making a cup of tea in less than five minutes, and showers whenever I want them, and duvets- I miss my bed- and toast. I miss toast. It's too much hassle to try and keep butter cool without a fridge, and tea and biscuits for breakfast just doesn't hit the spot. It's strange what you miss when you're away from home, isn't it? I'm looking forward to seeing Mum too; although I've rung her, it's not the same as seeing her, and Alfie has missed his cups of tea.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my bummel, as much as I've enjoyed being on it. I've packed so much in, although I've rarely felt rushed, and the freedom of doing whatever I wanted, wherever and whenever I've wanted, has been fantastic. I can see this becoming an addiction.

Come to think of it, I've never been to Scotland before- anybody up for it?

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