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Friday, 26 July 2013

Friday Five: Five places I intend to visit this summer.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Tomorrow, I am off on my holibobs, so apologies in advance for the lack of posts.
I'm going on the bummel, and I'm very excited about it! A bummel, for those of you not familiar with the word (and that includes most people) is best described by the man who introduced the word to me in "Three Men on the Bummel", Jerome K Jerome:

"A 'Bummel'," I explained, "I should describe as a journey, long or short, without an end; the only thing regulating it being the necessity of getting back within a given time to the point from which one started. Sometimes it is through busy streets, and sometimes through the fields and lanes; sometimes we can be spared for a few hours, and sometimes for a few days. But long or short, but here or there, our thoughts are ever on the running of the sand. We nod and smile to many as we pass; with some we stop and talk awhile; and with a few we walk a little way. We have been much interested, and often a little tired. But on the whole we have had a pleasant time, and are sorry when it's over."

I have to be back by the 8th August, but I intend bummelling right up until that point. I have a tent with all most mod-cons, a car and two very excited terriers. I also have a vague plan of places I'd like to visit, and here they are.

1. Stratford-upon-Avon
The home of the bard, and a place I've apparently been driven through a lot as a child, but not one I've ever explored.

2. Moreton-in-Marsh
Where the majority of my family live, and where my parents come from.

3. Stonehenge
A place I've never seen before, inexplicably.

4. Fleet
Last visited over twenty years ago, and the real-life setting for the much-loved book "Moonfleet" by J. Meade Faulkner.

5. Lulworth Cove
Happy memories of childhood holidays, paddling in the salty water and catching butterflies in a net, again over twenty years ago.

When I return, I will backdate and tell you all about my adventures. Until then, enjoy the sunshine and keep safe!

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