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Friday, 19 July 2013

Friday Five: Five foods you can eat in the shower

Happy Friday my lovelies!

A bit of a fun Friday Five today, inspired by a succession of late nights and stifling, brain-melting heat.

I've been busy at work having lots of fun with trips, plays and Governers' meetings this week and, when I finally make it home, a mere thirteen hours after I left the house, there are only two things on my mind.




But which to do first? If I shower first, it'll be too late to eat and I'll get indigestion! If I eat first, it'll be too late for my hair to dry before I collapse into bed! Such a dilemma...

You'll be happy to know that I have solved this problem by carrying out a carefully crafted investigation on which foods can reasonably be eaten while taking a shower.
Like all mad good scientists, I first considered my essential requirements in order to maximise my chances of success.

1. Food must be suitable for one-handed consumption (so I can shampoo my hair)
2. Food must be reasonably waterproof (I rejected toast as the idea of swollen, stodgy bread made me gag)
3. Food must not have any wrapping, or else must have a wrapping that can be thrown over the shower door into the bin with reliable accuracy.

Here are the results:
1. Apple
Verdict: Success. All I had to do was avoid dripping shampoo on it. (Shampoo does NOT taste good!)

2. Jelly Belly Beans
Verdict: Success, if slightly sticky. But, seeing as I was in the shower, it was easy to clean up.

3. Potato Waffles
Verdict: Fail. The only word to describe this is "claggy". Gross.

4. Grapes
Verdict: Success, and spitting out the pips was great fun! I may have invented a new sport...

5. Chicken nuggets
Verdict: Fail. Soggy and disgusting unless I ate them really quickly!

6. Mini-milk ice cream
Verdict: Success, but I think a lot of it melted and went straight down the plug-hole.

7. Fish finger
Verdict: Fail. They kept breaking in half due to the force of the water. The second attempt resulted in a nasty looking breadcrumb blockage.

8. Fox's Crunch Creams
Verdict: Fail. I thought this would work, as these are my favourite tea-dunkers, but hot water lacks the flavour of hot tea, and I kept smushing them with my fingers as they became saturated!

9. Galaxy chocolate bar
Verdict: Fail. The chocolate melted really quickly, and I dropped most of it.

10. Flapjack
Verdict: Success. It held up against the torrent of hot water, and didn't go mushy.

So, in conclusion, fruit and ice-cream good, anything in breadcrumbs bad. I wonder what other tasks I can combine to save time? Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments box!

Right, I'm off the clean the shower... Enjoy your weekend x

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