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Friday, 21 June 2013

A Friend in Need's a Friend Indeed...

...as the wise Brian Molko once sang. If you don't know who he is, Google him. He's pretty.

This self-publishing lark is great fun, apart from the toe-curling cringiness of having to be very un-British and push myself forward a bit. I'm finding that part quite hard. That's why today's post is a bit difficult for me because I need to ask a favour. I'll have to build up to it bit first- work up my nerve...

I made a great start promoting my book online (where I didn't have to actually look anyone in the eye) and have given out contact cards to everyone who has shown the slightest interest. I even managed to blush and stammer my way into Bookmark, Spalding, where a few copies of Strange Ideas now share shelf space with more established and bankable books. My press release is written and, after a few deep breaths, will be sent off soon. So, hard but doable (even if I did have a teeny-weeny hyperventilation episode).

The favour I need, dear friends and lovers of cake and Strange Ideas, is an easy one. The Guardian are running a series where they feature self-published authors, and are looking for readers to recommend self-published authors whose work they've enjoyed (starting to blush at the thought of what's coming next).

What I'm asking- well, hoping- is that you might like to... you know... maybe suggest me? (palms start to sweat) If you don't mind.

Simply go to their website and recommend me on the short form at the bottom of the page (eeeeek- awkward). All that is required is for you to enter my name, my book and a few words on why you think I'm great (I'm actually cringing right now- I'm so not good at this). That's it. Two minutes of your time to make me happier than cake does.

I'd be eternally grateful and would add you to my Cake List. If neither of those is an incentive, how about hugs? I'm good at hugs x

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