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Friday, 26 October 2012

Something wicked this way comes...

Despite a shameful lack of sleep, and an equally shameful "still-in-my-dressing-gown" status, I have been a busy bunny today.

My plans for world domination and scaring the trousers off of people have taken a step forward. I have negotiated the tricky world of techy-geek stuff and presented a humble offering to Amazon. Fingers crossed I can pull it off (the plan, not people's trousers- that's my other secret plan). I'll let you know as soon as a certain spine-chilling short is available to download. Until then, enjoy the sneak peek on my website.

Do feel free to leave a comment telling me how excited you are about this development and, if you love your friends, (or at least want to see them reduced to a quivering wreck by a ghostly tale) be sure to spread the word. There will be cake for the faithful.


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