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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Late: a ghostly tale, hits the virtual shelves!

Well, chaps. It happened! Drumroll please...

I'm proud as punch to announce that my first short story, Late: a ghostly tale, is available for download on Amazon right now! If you don't have a Kindle, don't panic- there are Kindle apps for smartphones and tablets available for free (I love mine on my phone) so you won't miss out. I've had an issue updating the cover, as I fudged it the first time, but this should be rectified within 24 hours (or so I'm told). Search for Late: a ghostly tale in the Kindle store and you'll find it.

This is my first step into self-publishing, and I'm torn between feeling over the moon and nervous as hell. Once again, a huge thank you to my beta readers and supporters, as well as the council for giving me a half-term in order to concentrate. Pulling an all-nighter on a school night just isn't going to happen. I'm hoping that this little morsel will serve as an appetiser/teaser for my next book (working title The Hungry-Man and other ghostly tales) and that you're all going to buy that one too. It will be released as a paperback and Kindle download, sometime in December.

 Now, I'm sure you're all squeely excited (as much as I am, obviously) and want to rush out there and get it straight away, and I wouldn't dream of stopping you. However, if you can bear the wait, I have a little reward for you. (I said there would be cake for the faithful). Late: a ghostly tale will be free to download on the 31st October-Halloween! That's my little treat for you. No tricks this year. Except one. Please leave a review at the Amazon website when you've read (and hopefully loved) the story. It's really important that "casual" browsers (as opposed to you, the faithful- did I mention there would be cake?) can see what others think. I know I base a lot of my purchases on reader's reviews, and a lack of them would put me off. This will really help spread the word, and I'd be forever grateful 'subliminal reference to cake'.

Ok, now we've all calmed down a bit, time to get on with our day. Remember to download and review my story, whether you wait for Halloween or not. Thanking you in advance 'doffs imaginary cap'.

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