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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Strange Ideas: Hunger

Continuing with the A to Z Challenge 2016

Harrison drove home in brooding silence, his hunger for knowledge by no means sated by the information Emma had provided. Was India really capable of murder? Was she really the person Emma painted her to be? Something just didn’t add up. How could the girl, the woman, he’d spent so many precious hours with be a murderous nutcase that could shoot her husband and then turn the gun on herself in a fit of desperation?

No. Not his India.

He flicked the stereo on and shuffled through the tracks until he found it. Their song. As the melody washed over him, he sank into his memories…

“I could get used to this.” India swigged from her can of lager and wriggled closer into his side. Harrison wrapped his free arm around her shoulders and buried a smile into her hair. She smelt so good: a heady mixture of shampoo and lotion and promise. Harrison dipped his chin to brush a kiss across her freckled forehead, breathing in her scent.

“Yeah, it’s pretty decent.” And it was. In just a few short days, Harrison had found happiness with this free spirit who danced in the surf, this beauty who matched him drink for drink and stayed standing. Her sweet nature was like sunshine; his hunger for her insatiable. How strange that, in a seaside town where everybody knew everybody, their paths had never crossed before when it was obvious to Harrison that they were destined to be together. The details would work themselves out; all Harrison knew was that he and India fit together like pieces of a puzzle: imperfectly shaped yet entirely complete.

“But it’ll all be over soon.” India sighed and took another swig. Harrison stiffened.

“What will?”

“The summer. I’ll have to go back to school and you’ll have to find a proper job. You can’t make a living out of lazing around under the pier.” She laughed up at him, eyes sparkling in the reflection of the sun on the sea. “Or maybe you could- Harrison Shaw: professional beach bum.”

Harrison snorted in relief and tossed his long fringe in imitation of the male models whose posters adorned the bus shelters.

“Yeah. And when I’m rich and famous, and Kate Moss is begging for my number, we’ll be sipping champagne on a yacht in Ibiza instead of necking lager on Brighton beach.”

“You’ll still want me then? More than Kate?” India’s voice was teasing, but her face was serious. 

Harrison pushed her onto her back and kissed her deeply, relishing the feel of her fingers tangled in his hair. 

“India,” he whispered. “I’ll always want you.”

Sunburned tourists picked their way delicately over the pebbles, skirting around the young couple who had eyes only for each other...

The story continues on Monday with Infidelity.

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