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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Bunny Suicide...

... or murder most horrid?

So, after a wet and miserable Easter weekend, the sun decided to shine today. Unfortunately, I had to go into work (despite it officially being my holibobs) but I knuckled down and was back home by the early afternoon.

Time for a cuppa and a nap on the sofa as a reward for all my hard work, I decided. And perhaps a little nibble on one of my Easter eggs- yum!

But, in the kitchen, I was met with a most unsettling- terrifying- spectacle... a shocking vision of horror that will haunt my nightmares for weeks...


Exhibit A

The cute Harry Hopalong, on whose ears I was hoping to nibble, had morphed into a demon creature from the pit of hell...

Oh, the humanity!

... his face literally melted by what I can only imagine were the torturous fires of Hades... Before my very eyes, he drooped even further...

Is it wrong that I'm wondering how his flesh will taste?

How could such a thing have happened? What was the cause? Who was the culprit? Had he ticked off the Easter Bunny in some way? Was this a revenge attack for those mini eggs I scoffed on Sunday? 

My mind boggled, even as my mouth watered... and I realised I didn't have to look far for the prime suspect...


Anybody else thinking this chap on the left is looking just a little smug? Those wide, innocent eyes don't fool me- I'm a primary school teacher!

Now, should I interrogate the suspect or perform an autopsy on the victim first? Either way, things are going to get messy ;) 

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