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Friday, 22 August 2014

Friday Five: best things to do on a rainy day

Happy Friday, people!

Now, although the weather may not be behaving like August (in fact, I swear it went from June straight to September without letting anyone know) there is no need to despair. It's not all about the picnics and trips to the beach- rainy days can be fun too! Here are my five best things to do on a rainy day.

1. Tackle that nasty job you've been meaning to do for months
 It could be as simple as tidying the cupboard under the stairs, or clearing out your wardrobe (bye bye shorts- sigh). It may even be retiling the bathroom (that's a story for another day...) But, seeing as outside is wet and cold and dull and you're stuck indoors anyway, you might as well do something productive. Then, when the rain stops, you won't have to miss any sunshine while you hoover or hunt for your flip-flops.

2. Make something
It doesn't have to be ambitious (although some of mine are). Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration and often the projects there involve materials you have lying around the house. Rainclouds and boredom have led me to bunting, knitting and dragon costumes for my dogs. There's geeky fun to be had from crafty pursuits- and when you're finished you'll have something pretty, too.

3. Escape to another world
I have, as many people do, my favourite chair. It's my "spot". It's the place where I can sit for hours because I have gathered together everything I need so that it is within arm's reach- lip balm, blankie, cup of tea etc. But it's more than a chair because it's where I go to escape. Sometimes, I lead the escape- taking my characters on adventures and seeing what they do- other times, it's somebody else's adventure I lose myself in. Just today, I have already been to the Wall with Jon Snow and Ghost and, later- when it's dark and cold and wet- I'm planning on watching Walt Disney try to persuade P.L. Travers to let him turn her book into a musical. Whatever you choose, books or films, there's no better way to shut out the miserable weather than by escaping into a story.

4. Go for a walk
Yes, you read that correctly. Call me perverse, but I love walking in the rain. In fact, the worse the weather, the more satisfying it is. Bundling up in a big coat, scarf and gloves and stomping with my dogs is invigorating and makes me feel as if I haven't wasted the day sulking- plus my dogs love it too. And if we happen to take shelter in a pub, then we all consider that a bonus! After all that walking, it's lovely to come home and get warm again, which brings me to the last item on my list...

5. Take a bath
I love baths. I am a total Lush junkie and count bathing as a hobby. Yummy bubbles, a candle or two- and music. I don't listen to whale calls to relax- I like to sing! 90s indie pop goes down well- think Blur and Sleeper and Suede- or 70s disco (with accompanying dance moves). Never fails to make me feel cheerful. Then there is the added joy after of snuggling into PJs and escaping into another world...

Feeling inspired? Got something to add to the list? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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