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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Puppy Love: *CUTE ALERT*

Happy Sunny Sunday, everyone!

I hope you've had a chance to enjoy this glorious weather. I took full advantage of my Mum's garden to lounge in the sun and play with her two puppies while I got some blogging done- keep an eye out for new posts this week.

I've run out of words now, what with that and a marathon editing-weekend, so today I thought I'd just share some photos of my afternoon puppy-sitting. Enjoy!

Bilbo and Bertie enjoying lunch

The obligatory bowl-swap

Hang on a minute...

Did I leave some in there?

Bertie poses in the sunshine

Bilbo chasing butterflies

Time out for tummy tickles

Weeds! Nom nom nom...

Cuddles on my lap

MY ball!

Yes, I know I'm adorable

Sniffing for treasure, watched over by the wooden man leaning on a fence

Why can't I swim in the pond? The fish do!

Such a handsome boy

Scratch scratch...

...sniff sniff

I'm tired now

What's this you sticking in my face?

This is my stern look...

Splitting up to cover more ground

There she is! And she has that damn camera out again!

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