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Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday Five: Five Incredible Indies

Evening all!


As I gear up to finishing the final drafts of Strange Ideas: Death, Destiny and Decisions, it increasingly feels like... working... And you all know by now what I do whenever I have a deadline looming- that's right! I procrastinate!


Top of my list for pleasurable procrastination is reading, obviously, and so I thought I'd share with you five indie authors whose books I've been enjoying recently. I recommended you give them a try; all are available as eBooks (free apps allow you to read them on your phone or PC, so don't worry if you don't have a kindle) and some are also available as paperbacks too.


Have fun xxx

Victoria Pearson

Author of Strange Love: Short Stories and Twisted Tales.

If you like falling into a story as easily as falling into a dream, then this is the girl for you. She has a magical way with words; often her short stories read like extended poetry rather than narrative. Lush!
Summary: The book equivalent of luxury chocolate.

L.K. Jay

Author of The Ghost Hunters Club, The Ghost Hunters Return, The Listening Post and many more.

This is a girl I would seriously like to get drunk with. Her Ghost Hunters books mix hilarious banter with a few genuine chills, and her full-on spooky stories kept me up all night- admittedly, with all the lights on. Truly versatile, and lots of fun.
Summary: Just like Prosecco, her writing always hits the right spot.

Stuart Millard

Author of Frantic Planet, The Beach Diaries 2011, The Beach Diaries 2012 and more.

Being an ex-Southern Belle, I love reading about my home town and, from Stuart's witty and candid descriptions, I gather that not a lot has changed since I left it in 1999! An avid people-watcher, he is spot-on in capturing the randomness that is the British public, whether on holiday or just quietly enjoying the beauty on their doorstep. Not for children, however.
Summary: Tangy and tasty, like Scampi and Lemon Nik-Naks.

Julia Hughes

Author of A Raucous Time, A Ripple in Time, An Explosive Time and more.

Fast-paced and twisty, these stories suck you in and whirl you around before plopping you out at the end, dazed and slightly breathless. A bit like a washing machine really, but more fun and with some rude words. Her characters are engaging, although not always likeable, but you'll still be rooting for them!
Summary: Like camping on a mountainside- a bit rough and rugged, but totally worth it.

A.E. Marling

Author of Brood of Bones, Fox's Bride, Gown of Shadow and Flame.

Exotic and interesting, I was completely caught up in the fantastic world he created, and fascinated by the characters who inhabit it. Even though I don't normally read fantasy, I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in a world of magic, and stayed up far too late to find out how it all ended.
Summary: A rich, colourful patchwork quilt of velvet and silk.

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