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Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday Five- 5 totally amazing snow sculptures

Greetings, my little snow-bunnies!


Sorry to be predictable, but I just cannot avoid talking about snow this week. We British are reputed to be obsessed with weather, but it's because we have soooo much of it- and the prettiest of all is the sparkling-white stuff. It turns the dullest of dead-end towns into winter wonderlands and brings out the kid in most of us. I still get that tingly excitement when I wake up and find my street has been transformed overnight into a beautiful snow-globe. Squeeee!


So, feeling inspired, I looked up some amazing things to create with snow. Maybe you could try one this weekend?

1. Snow Octopus

 This is completely do-able. You don't even need huge amounts of snow- if you're really stuck, you could always settle for a starfish. Much more fun than a snowman.

2. Snow Unicorn

Awww! How sweet! Who wouldn't want one of these little cuties in their garden? Mind you, I sobbed at 'The Snowman and the Snowdog', so goodness knows how I'd cope when this gorgeous creature melted away!

3. Snow Dalek

Watch out! The Daleks are back... and this time, they're armed with snowballs! Not quite so scary, actually. I'm imagining lots of fun dodging their feeble attempts to exterminate me with fluffy spheres of frozen water. This might scare cats away, though.

4. Snow Simpsons

Show your love and devotion for your favourite cartoon-family with a giant replica of them in their favourite spot. I'm so taken with this, I might even give it a go tomorrow.

5. Snow City

For the truly ambitious, nothing beats your very own snow city where you can be the king (or queen) for as long as the weather stays cold. My mind boggles at the logistics of how this enormous sculpture was created. Awesome.

So, have any of these tickled your fancy? Maybe you think you can come up with something even better? Let me know what you create. Enjoy the snow, chaps!

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